Product features

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in


Taiwan Welly insists everything is manufactured in Taiwan, in order to give consumers the highest quality ceiling fans


Dual-bearing ball electric motor is able to run up to 20,000 hours and more, as well as reduced noise and more safety.


With unique conceptual designs, breaking through structure defects of conventional ceiling fans, minimizes floor space, easy to disassemble and maintain.


The highest quality ABS plastic is used to produce the fans, this ABS plastic is environmentally friendly and recyclable

Energy Saving

It eliminates the inconsistence indoor temperature to various locations and helps tune up the temperature of air-conditioner setting to save energy.


360° rotate diffuser cover wide area and providing good ventilation for comfortable and healthful indoor environment.


Our first priority is dedicated to providing the best quality for customers, so the streamlining and plain appearance is the finest choice due to matching any kind of occasions.


Comply with all functional requirements including energy saving, power saving, lower noise, comfort, health, environment protection and safety. It can easily apply to most of public indoor are such as office, hospital, classroom, home...etc.

Taiwan Welly
Make It Simple
Taiwan Welly is dedicated to the design and manufacture of energy saving ceiling fan. With unique conceptual designs, state of art technology and strict production quality control. We also strives in breaking through structural defects of conventional ceiling fans, wall mount fans, ceiling mount fans and successfully developed versatile ceiling fans with lower noise, higher energy efficiency and greater comfort.